Friday, March 4, 2011

Small pleasures in fly fishing

One of the things I like best about fly fishing, and in fact, fishing in general, is the friends and associations I make.  For example, just this week, I've made two new friends, one I may fish with, the other I may never see again, but enjoyed the brief encounter.  In the airport, a fellow, Darren, noticed my 'zero limit' sticker on my laptop, and asked about my fishing.  As it turns out, I travel regularly to the area where he lives, Cleveland, and like to to chase steelhead there.  We had several nice conversations, and shared places to fish, both in Cleveland and Missouri, where I fish a lot.  I think there's a good chance we'll fish together someday...I'd like that.  Today, while out and about checking out fishing spots (rivers blown out), I spoke with a fellow angler that turned me on to two more spots for me to try in the area.  Sharing information is what its all about, my friends.  No man is an island, so they say.  Relationships drive even our fun times.  Get to know more people...and keep your rod bent.

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