Friday, January 16, 2015

fishing the Rio Chama

Fly fishing in January?  You bet!  I had a keynote to do in Albuquerque, so I went a day early, hoping to fish in the north.  I called High Desert Angler in Santa Fe, and helpfully, he told me to try the Rio Chama, below Abiquiu Dam.  I'm always up for a new spot, so off I go...and I'll return,  as well.  The Chama is a charming small stream, with plenty of access below the dam.  It was very cold that day, and I had to keep 'dipping the rod' to get ice off the guides, but I managed to find one new friend- one of the greenest brown trout I have caught.  I was fishing a San Juan worm with a red midge (18), and the trout took the midge.  Great fight, great fish, I'm doing back!
...keep the rod bent...