Sunday, April 30, 2017

Euro Nymphing? Yeah!

I had the privilege this week of fishing with my new friend, Roger Maves of "", a popular fly fishing blog.  I had listened to several podcasts about czech and european nymphing styles, and the concept intrigued me.  So...I tied on a new 1X leader, then a strip of Rio Indicator Sighter, about 24", then 4' of 5X tippet, to which I attached my fly.  We were fishing the North Fork of the South Platte River in Colorado, and I was working a fast run just around a smooth corner.  About the third time I worked the fly through the feeding lane, I noticed the sighter twitch a little, so I lifted the rod and set the hook.  Fish on!  I fought a very nice rainbow for several minutes and managed to get the fish almost to the net, when my hook straightened and the fish was gone.  But-I was convinced.  I think, as many do, that we miss many of the times when trout suck in our flies, test them, then spit them out.  We just don't see the 'take' using a traditional indicator.  I recommend a book by Jason Randall, Nymph Masters: fly-fishing Secrets From Expert Anglers, from Stackpole books. Jason does a great job in the book helping us to understand about stream hydraulics and why we miss so many fish, and talks about the different styles of nymphing.  Try the podcasts on, you won't be dissapointed.

keep the rod bent...