Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Where I create...

Here's my fly tying corner, where I create the flies I use.  I am lucky that I fish just with my own flies, except on special occasions.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dream Stream or bust!

My grandson and I had the chance to go to the 'dream stream' in Colorado- the South Platte River between Spinney Mountain Reservoir and Eleven Mile Reservoir.  It was a great day...caught several nice cutthroats, and hooked up with one so big that after he rolled up and showed me his belly, he broke off midway on a 5x leader!  20 plus...  The secret is a pink San Juan Worm and a Prince Nymph.  And...I caught a freaking CARP on a prince nymph.  A carp.  4-5 lbs. fun to catch.  I have been wanting to go carping on the fly, now I have.  
...keep the rod bent...