Sunday, March 27, 2011

the San Juan below Navajo Dam

I had the great experience of fishing the San Juan River this month, having been on a job in the area.  My day started with a visit to Mesa Verde National Park, which I highly recommend.  There you can view and even tour the ancient Anazasi Cliff Dwellings...over 600 exist in the park.  Amazing, and interesting.  After the hour and a half drive to the Navajo Dam, I visited a couple of the local fly shops, both very helpful.  I paid my parking fee ($5) and trekked to the water.  I found the river in March to be somewhat high, but not bad.  It is a large river, and I am most comfy in small streams.  I found myself at a disadvantage, because of the high flow, and no rising fish.  This forced me to nymph, not my strong suit.  There were several boats on the river, and some were landing fish, mostly 14 - 18", very nice.  The San Juan is known for having lunkers, but I didn't meet any of them.    The rive is a bit challenging to wade, because of the prolific algae, but worth it.  The scenery is beautiful, and I hope to return someday.  keep the rod bent...

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