Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fishing in new places.

People often comment that I am so lucky that I get to fish all over the country, and I am. is not as hard as it seems, and not even all that expensive.  Airfare tickets, bought far in advance, can be less than $200 roundtrip, to just about anywhere, if you play your cards right.  There are cheep hotels to be found everywhere- all you need is a bed, right?  Plus, rental cars, the off-brand ones, are often only $20/day.  Don't take the insurance, just use a VISA card, it and your personal liability insurance will cover damages, should they occur.  OK, what do you take?  Waders, boots, vest, rod, reel...the bare essentials.  Pack 'em in a duffel bag, and carry the rod on in a tube.  Just be sure to put knives and such in your checked bags.  If you go to the state websites, or do a google search on access points near your destination, you'll always find a place to fish.  My fav is to call a local fly shop and ask.  They are always great about directing me to a good spot.  Just be sure to stop by and buy a fly or two, or something to support the local shop that helps you out.    keep your rod bent...

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