Sunday, February 13, 2011

Truckee Trials, or, not this time...

Flowing between Lake Tahoe and Pyramid Lake in northern Nevada, in the Reno area, is the Truckee River, well known for its beauty and fish. This time of the year, flows are pretty low, but there are still lots of riffles and pools where the trout will hang out. The best tools are winter stone flies, midges and BWOs, fished more slowly than usual, with a little more stealth because of the clear water. Having said all this, I walked away with a goose egg this time, even knowing the right things. was a beautiful day, and I was fishing on my birthday, which is the way it should be. maybe next time.

Here's a pic of the Truckee in Verdi, NV at Crystal Bridge Park.

keep castin'

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