Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tough, challenging, beautiful, and worth the trip! The South Platte in CO.

I was privleged to fish the South Platte at Deckers near Denver this week.  The fish won, well, in some aspects.  The water was running about 170cfm, gin clear, sunny days, big fish, no hatches.  This time of year is stonefly time, and of course, it's always midge time.  Several of the guys caught some 20"+ rainbows, most caught nothing.  Sorry to say, I was one of those- however, I learn something everytime, and this was no exception.  Since Deckers is only 1.5 hours from the Denver airport, it is an excellent day trip.  Flies and Lies in Deckers is good for information and tips, and they have really reasonably priced guide trips.  Cheesman Canyon is a short hike over the mountain, and is another worthwhile trip.  At both, you have a chance at really big fish...really smart? fish.   keep the rod bent...

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