Friday, July 28, 2017

Fly Fishing Coach Offering

I've been a mentor and coach for many years, mostly with personal life and business. I now offer fly fishing coaching, to help beginners and others to improve their skills:

1. Fly Fishing 101- rod/reel/line selection, line/leader setup, flies and which ones, casting and fishing techniques ...per person $100

2. Casting Instruction- learn or improve your casting skills. Instruction includes gear if necessary, covers overhead and roll casting.
1/2 hour $40 per hour $75

3. One-on-One Bennett Spring Excursion- we'll meet at in Prairie Village, 6am, and travel to Bennett Spring State Park. After a two hour instructional time, we'll fish together, with me coaching you on how to fish better and how to know where to find fish. Includes gear if needed, and lunch $350

Contact me by email at, or by phone/text to 913.205.8735

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