Saturday, July 15, 2017

A fish, and a new friend...

I had some time to fish while in RI this week, so I went to the Wood River.  After 'gearing up', I started to the river, when a fellow walked up and explained that he had recently gotten a fly rod, for father's day, I think, and wondered if he could just watch me fish.  I told him, 'sure', and we headed off to the bank.  As we reached the edge of the stream, I stopped and said, "you can watch, but how about I give you some things to think about?" I spent a little while explaining some of the basics of fly fishing, so that he could get off to a better start. Then I showed him a spot in a riffle where I expected a fish to be.  I waded in, and on the second cast, a well-placed foam beetle produced a beautiful 16" rainbow.  My new friend, Jonathan, was a excited as I, because he got to see the fish caught and netted, live and real.  He is hooked now, and I expect on the river as I write this post.  We get back what we give...I believe that my willingness to give him some time allowed me to connect with my goal.  Life is good, especially when you can share.
God bless...keep the rod bent.

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