Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Trout Fishin in Missouri!

I had the fortune to spend two great days with my grandson, fishing at Bennett Spring State Park in Missouri, the state's best trout stream.  We always have a great time, and catch fish, but this time we learned something new.   I nymph, when I have to, but have always used an indicator and weight, partly because of the level of comfort I have had with that system.  I observed an angler fishing a nymph without weight or indicator, so I figured, what the hey?...I'll try it.  So, I put on a BH Prince, and worked it cross-stream, with a slow strip.  Within four casts, I caught two 16" trout where others were catching none.  The rest of the day, it was the only way I fished, and I lost count of the number of trout I caught!  Try it sometime, you'll like it.
...keep the rod bent...ed

trout swimming...

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