Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pink scuds rule...

On a business trip to northern Montana this week, I had the chance to fish the Missouri River near Great Falls.  Word had it that the pink scud was the trick.  I have never really gotten into pink scuds, typically I'll fish olive, tan, grey, brown...just not pink.  I don't know if this is a man thing... So, I'm fishing, and I catch a nice rainbow on an RS2.  I spotted some large trout hanging out in a turn, so I decided to slap on the pink scud, since they come so highly recommended.  I had tied some based on a recommendation from a guy I met on the South Platte in CO, that he ties them with a red body, and it 'bleeds' through in the water, looking like blood to the fish (his supposition).  I also dropped a small midge off the scud.  I sneek up, and pull a textbook the fish, cast upstream far enough so as not to spook the fish, watch the drift...and he took it!  18" of strong rainbow, a lot of fun to catch.  I managed to catch several more throughout the day, including another 18", all on the pink scud.  I'm a believer!
keep the rod bent....ed

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