Friday, September 16, 2011

Bassy mornings!

Travelling through Omaha recently, I happened to stop in the Cabela's store, and in conversation with the sales guy, I found out about a small lake that holds good bass nearby.   Well, I didn't have to leave until 3 the next day, and I had my fly rod handy, sooooooo....I'm up at 5:30 the next morning, geared up, and on the water at sunup.  There was a nice fog on the water, a scenic delight, and circles on the water told me the fish were hungry.  I put on a medium sized popper I tied with black maribou and some grizzly hackle, and caught a couple of fat little bluegills.  Then I placed the bug just outside of a weedbed, waited, waited, then the water boiled and exploded, and the fight was on!  My adversary was a fat 5lb. largemouth, hungry and strong.  He took line a couple of times and even jumped for me, making the catch even more special.  I landed the bass, took his picture and sent him back to grow up.  I love early morning fall bassin'...

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