Friday, September 5, 2014

Fishing with friends in Montana

I recently spent a few days in Montana, fishing the Ruby River, near Sheridan.  I get to fish a lot, but it is usually alone.  There is something special about spending a few days with people you appreciate, eating with them, telling stories, getting to know each other better.  We caught some fish, in fact the trout in the Ruby seem to be very robust, healthy, strong.  I really enjoyed the 'game' of enticing them to the net.  The water was somewhat stained, making it a little difficult for the fish to see, but still I managed to have success.  Again, the Prince Nymph and the San Juan worm prevailed!  I tried a new form of the San Juan, with a bead in the middle, and the fish reacted well.  I think it may have helped in the stained water.
be well...keep the rod bent


  1. Nothing prettier than Montana which happens to be my favorite place!

  2. Montana- my most favorite place in the entire world. I have gone ever summer for 16 years. I stay close to Glacier National Park area and go into the park every day. So very amazing. Very different than where we grew up!